Now don’t get me wrong. I mean I do love the tradtion of the Thanksgiving turkey, but what I really look forward to are the sides. Even more than the desserts, for me it’s all about the sides. Can I get an Amen to that?

There are always those that “MUST” find there way to the table. Like Nonnie’s Chicken and Dressing — I really must write that recipe down one of these days, y’all. It’s just one that I do. Know what I mean. And in our house, it’s dressing — not stuffing.

For a couple of the men in the family, there’s got to be a plate of Green Bean Bundles. I’ve tried. Really I have. I’ve found all sorts of ways to get them interested in green beans fixed other ways, but… Well, sometimes you just have to give in. That doesn’t mean I don’t keep trying though.

I have a folder — literally an old-fashioned file folder — not a computer folder (I know. I know.) that is chock full of nothing but ideas for Thanksgiving sides. I love going through it each year for inspiration. Here are some ideas I’ve stashed away as real possibilities for this year.

And we’re not even going to get started on soups. Or salads. Or breads — cause those will always be Mr. Reed’s Mystery Rolls. No exceptions there.

  • Harvey House Candied Sweet Potatoes were featured in the New York Times’  recipes from across the United States. I’m not a fan of the syrupy, marshmallowy ones, so I think I’ll give these a try. It makes a pretty presentation, don’t you think?




  • I just love the idea of this pilaf. It has some of my very favorite flavor combinations in this Cranberry Apple Pecan Wild Rice Pilaf  from Carlsbad Cravings. Itis not heavy like my mushroom, sausage and wild rice dressing, which I love, love, but I sure don’t love the calories, y’all.


  • Since our turkey will be smoked (Perfect Boy’s job — he’s 11), I think this Chipotle Lime Grilled Corn from Life’s Ambrosia will pair quite well with that. And since I don’t expect the young ‘uns in our family to touch that rice pilaf or the sweet potatoes, they will feast on this corn instead Plus, they’ll be able to help with the preparations. You know I’m a firm believer in starting kiddos early in the kitchen.


  • It’s pure selfishness, but this one’s for me. I dearly love fresh asparagus and am eager to give this simple Asparagus Tart from Simple Provisions a try. Talk about easy! And isn’t it simply gorgeous?asparagus-tart-simple-provisions


Okay. Now I’m really hungry!