Our new garden is still steadily producing okra. It may be small, but the garden’s okra harvest is just enough to give us a good supply of fresh okra each week. I have frozen quite a bit for use this winter, but I don’t otherwise try to preserve it. I love pickled okra, but I get my taste buds satisfied from just about any salad bar anywhere.

When Riceland introduced its new Gluten Free, Whole Grain Fish Breading, I knew I was going to experiment with it for some of that okra we’ve been harvesting.

gluten free, whole grain, fish breading via riceland foods

Photo courtesy of Riceland Foods

It worked very well on the Okra Fries with Comeback Sauce I prepared for a #sponsored post on Riceland’s blog. We ate them as a side dish at dinner, but they would make a fun appetizer at your tailgate parties as well. If you’re a fried okra lover like I am, you really must give this recipe a try.

okra fries with comeback sauce

You already know how good that Comeback Sauce is if you’ve tried my recipe for that posted some time ago. Central Arkansas people will remember this sauce from the perennial favorite, Coy’s Steak House in Hot Springs. Coy’s is now closed following a fire that gutted the building. We still miss it.