So this week we are concentrating on perspective, focal length and white balance.   If only I could remember to put it all together at the same time!  It is nice getting to know my camera – one that I have had now for three or four years.  (I just can’t stay with the manual long enough to make any sense of it.)

I played around with several ideas but finally submitted these:



55mm, auto white balance, no flash, flat angle




52 mm, no flash, auto white balance, downward angle




55 mm telephoto, flash, white balance on cloudy




18 mm wide angle, flash, auto white balance


I chose cultivate as my One Little Word for 2013.  I have several areas I intend to cultivate this year:

My health.
My marriage.
My family.
My faith.
My blogging and journaling.
My photography.
My attitude.
My friendships.
My life.
And yes, my garden

I hope you will stay with me as I journey through these this year.  Your encouraging comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

How about you?  What are you cultivating this year?

Gotta’ get to the gym!  Cultivating my health, ya’ know.