This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods. As always, all opinions are mine — and you know I have them!

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What makes Uncommon Goods so uncommonly good? Yes, their products are remarkably beautiful. Yes, their designers are among the creative best. Yes, their products are all handmade by skilled artisans using “interesting, unusual, reclaimed, or recycled materials.”

But more than that, I think what makes Uncommon Goods so uncommonly good is told through their stories. The stories of the people and places behind those stories.


Our buyers don’t just evaluate new goods based on materials and function. They also take a deeper look at where each design comes from. We’re interested in how it’s made, who’s making it, and the process that leads to the finished product

Take a look at the story of Tracy Shea an Ohio mom of two who spends her days making her popular Pedestal Jewelry Holder

Perfect Girl's birthday necklace from Uncommon Goods featured on her great great grandmother's handkerchief.

Perfect Girl’s birthday necklace from Uncommon Goods featured on her great great grandmother’s handkerchief.

Or Beth Lawrence of Tennessee who created the Freshie & Zero Past, Present and Future necklace we are giving Perfect Girl for her 9th birthday this month. Where is my tiny baby girl?

kb baby girl bubbles

“Founded in 2006, Beth Lawrence’s studio is located in Nashville, TN where she creates each piece of jewelry while her dog Zero sleeps nearby. A Nashville native, Beth has made jewelry since she can remember, and even sold her work to neighbors and boutiques while still in elementary school! After earning a BFA in Studio Art from Belmont University, she worked in art and craft galleries in Atlanta and Nashville before rekindling her passion for creating jewelry. Mainly drawing inspiration from geometry, she makes each piece with “love and a hammer,” using sterling silver and gold-filled wire to create jewelry that is simple and delicately feminine. Beth travels extensively to promote her jewelry. However, Zero typically stays in the studio dreaming about squirrels and peanut butter.”

You just have to love a story like that, and I love the story of Perfect Girl’s birthday necklace representing me, her mom and her. I hope it will be a treasure she passes on to her daughter one day. Shhhh. She hasn’t received it yet.

Uncommon Goods offers so many beautiful creations for persons of all tastes. Still needing something special for Mom for this Mother’s Day? They have gathered some beautiful and unique pieces — not just jewelry– for you to consider. 

How about a homegrown spa experience? Or this personalized family print from Mary and Shelly Klein? What mother or grandmother wouldn’t love to receive either one?

With berry season just coming in, I’ve been giving strong hints that this Berry Buddy by Brian Kunkelman needs to find its way into my kitchen.

“We’re on the lookout for designs that serve a purpose, solve a problem, stun us with their beauty, or make us wonder why no one thought of it before.”

When you read that quote from their web site, you just know you’re headed for an amazing adventure. If you’re anything like me, you’ll certainly be drawn to the unique merchandise, but more than that, you’ll be drawn to Uncommon Good’s people and its mission.

I’d love to hear from you after you’ve paid them a visit. I really know it’s going to be the beginning of a shopping love affair:)

Thanks for stopping by. Come again soon and #letsbreakbread.