It’s National Soup Month, and we will definitely be celebrating in the festivities since we are soup lovers at our house.  I’ve told you before that Hubby is so easy to cook for, and when it comes to my soups, he is especially so.  Whenever I ask him what soup he would like me to make next, he’ll suggest two or three then, ultimately says, “I love all of your soups.”

(Well, we won’t talk about the Hungarian Mushroom Soup.  It only took Hubs 30 years to tell me that he really didn’t care for mushrooms.  But I love, love this soup.)

Isn’t that sweet?  

While the winter months seem to be the times when we break out the big soup pot or slow cooker, we eat soup year round.  They are such a nice way to create a healthy, nutritious and filling meal, and they can be easy on the budget to book.  I rather like both of those.

I’ve had fun going back through years of blog posts to refresh my memory on those that I have shared.  Some are from my earliest blogging days and may not have the best photos (if at all).  I’ll get around to correcting that…ONE. DAY.  You know, just after I organize the 15,000 photos on my computer hard drive.

Let me know if you get around to trying one or some of these splendid soups, and please, please share yours with me.  Be sure you come back for the next round.  

My good friend Lyndi is a soup lover as well.  She created her own list over at NWAFoodie that you will certainly want to check out.  I love that she and I think so much alike at times.  Plus, we’re both soup lovers.

Without further adieu, here’s Part 1:

cream of tomato basil soup 2

pumpkin navy beans sage italian sausage

hungarian mushroom soup2

peas and turnip greens soup 2

rhoda and me

smoky tuscan white bean soup

  • Slow Cooker Chicken Chili  Fragrant and flavorful, you’ll cozy up next to the fire with a big bowl of this absolutely delicious chicken chili.

chicken chili

Barleycorn’s Cheese Soup  This soup comes together so quickly; you won’t believe how good it is!

Barleycorn's Cheese Soup from

Barleycorn’s Cheese Soup from

Super Soups, Part 2