Are you looking for an easy, filling meal that’s sure to please your family? Well, this is it! This Farfalle with Ham, Peas, Asparagus and Greens has become a real favorite at our house and one I tend to turn to frequently. And did I mention it also contains Petit Jean Meats bacon?

And you already know how delicious their Hickory Smoked Ham is. Nothing beats it, y’all.

This recipe was originally developed in my role as a Brand Ambassador for PJEats, the blog of Petit Jean Meats. There are so many delicious ideas there. I hope you’ll go visit it soon.

This makes a large dish, generously serving 4 – 6. It can be halved, but it’s very good leftover as well. With all of the vegetables and greens, there’s little need for an extra salad or side dish. Serve with crusty garlic bread, if desired.