Are you looking for some simple and relatively inexpensive gifts to share during this Christmas season? I’ve got ya’ covered! Tuesday’s  THV11 This Morning segment is another in my series of Gifts From the Kitchen. This one focuses on soup mixes, and I have so many ideas to share with you.

Your friends are going to love receiving one or more of these mixes from you. I mean. Who doesn’t love soup? And who doesn’t love having a no-brainer dinner already waiting for them in the pantry?

I suggest you even give yourself a few little gifts of these while you’re making up a batch to share. You will love having them available for those busy, busy days when you really don’t want to spend your life in the kitchen. Most require a few additional ingredients most of which you will already have on hand.

When gifting these, you might want to put together a gift basket containing not only the soup mix but any additional ingredients that can be safely shared. I like to add canned tomatoes, Rotel, crackers or cornbread mixes. You might consider tucking in a bit of chocolate or a candy cane as a little lagniappe.

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