Kitchen | Fields Table Tour 2016-17

The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board brings back the table tour to educate Arkansans about soybean production through restaurant partnerships

The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board(ASPB) launched its second annual Kitchen l Fields Table Tour Wednesday evening, November 10,  at Brave New Restaurant in Little Rock. Developed in 2015, this educational program is designed to encourage Arkansans to eat more soy foods and soy-fed protein, such as pork, beef, turkey and chicken. This year’s kickoff event included a farm-to-table style dinner at Brave New Restaurant under the guidance of award-winning Chef, Peter Brave. Dinner guests heard talks by several Arkansas agriculture advocates, including Arkansas Agriculture Secretary Wes Ward.

Many Arkansans are unaware that our state has over 43,500 farms, with 97% of those farms being family-owned. The Kitchen|Fields Table Tour is a great platform to educate our neighbors about Arkansas agriculture and the impact soybean production has on our state. The table tour helps support Arkansas farmers by encouraging everyone to eat more soy,” said Arkansas Agriculture Secretary Wes Ward.
For the KitchenlFields Table Tour, ASPB has partnered with restaurants across the state to serve a feature dish dedicated to Arkansas soybean producers in November for Arkansas Soybean Month. Starting in January 2017, the table tour will continue serving soybean-inspired dishes to Arkansans through monthly restaurant partnerships.
Gary Sitzer, a fourth-generation farmer in Poinsett County and chairman of the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board said, “We are proud to promote Arkansas Soybean Month through our educational food program, the Kitchen|FieldsTable Tour. This program launched last year and has been able to show Arkansans how they can support their local soybean producers by eating soy and soy-fed products. We hope everyone can visit a restaurant partner this month and learn how the soybean industry is an enormous contributor to the state’s economy each year.”
The partner restaurants during November for Arkansas Soybean Month in 2016 included:
  • J Town’s Grill, Jonesboro
  • Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co., Little Rock
  • Brave New Restaurant, Little Rock

I was so sorry to miss this due to a previous commitment. I really enjoyed last year’s event at South on Main with Chef Matt Bell. Brave New Restaurant is one of our favorites because Chef Brave always has a creative menu, including the one he prepared for the inaugural Kitchen|Fields Table Tour event.


Beef Tenderloin with Demi-Glace


Photos Courtesy of Arkansas Soybean Council

How about this Soybean Honey Frangelico Ice Cream with Candied Soybeans? I could go for a bowl of that right now!

The partner restaurants during November for Arkansas Soybean Month in 2016 included:
  • J Town’s Grill, Jonesboro
  • Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co., Little Rock
  • Brave New Restaurant, Little Rock

Other Arkansas restaurants participating in the 2016 tour were:

  • The Southern Gourmasian, Little Rock
  • Cafe at Heifer, Little Rock
  • Trio’s Restaurant, Little Rock
  • Taylor’s Steakhouse, Dumas
  • Postmasters Grill, Camden 

I’ll be excited to see the 2017 list when it is announced. Be sure to ask for their featured soy menu items when you visit these restaurants.

Kitchen|Fields Table Tour details can be found at You can also follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Are you looking for great tasting ways to include soy in your diet? Check out some of these ideas:
Cheese Bread
Note: The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board consists of soybean producers appointed by the Governor and nominated by various producer organizations within Arkansas. Although board members contribute many hours of their time to administering the program, they serve without pay.



  1. Dorothy Johnson
    December 8, 2016

    Brave New Restaurant and Trio’s are favorites. I’ll be looking for those soy items when I visit them.

    • Debbie
      December 12, 2016

      Love both of those! We should get Talya down to one of them for lunch sometime. Merry Christmas:)