Welcome to this week’s edition of What’s On the Menu Wednesday.  I’m glad you are here; I look forward to what you have to say.
It’s so dry in Arkansas that the Baptists are starting to baptize by sprinkling, the Methodists are using for the wine to turning wet-wipes, the Presbyterians are giving out rain checks, and the Catholics are praying for the wine to turn back into water!
(That’s not original with me, but it was just too good not to pass it along.)
It has been very hot June in Arkansas…and dry.   When it’s like this, I turn to my “cool” menus…lots of salads, grilled meats and veggies…are on my table these days
My tomatoes aren’t setting blooms very well due to the warm nights.  When it doesn’t get below 70 degrees at night, I don’t have a good tomato crop.  I found some heirloom tomatoes at Fresh Market and combined them with some fresh mozzarella and eggplants that I picked up at the Farmers’ Market in Bentonville and basil from my herbs to make these stacks.  For us, it became a meal.  It would also serve as a rather hearty salad served alongside a grilled meat or some pasta.
tom basil stacks
3 medium Italian eggplants
3 red, yellow, or combination large heirloom tomatoes
4 large balls of fresh buffalo mozzarella (1 pound)
salt and pepper
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
20 whole, large basil leaves
3 cups spicy tomato sauce
Slice eggplant, tomatoes and mozzarella into 1/2-inch rounds for a total of 12 slices of each.  Place eggplant on a rack for about 30 minutes and salt both sides to pull out some of the water.  Pat the eggplant dry and season with pepper.  Salt and pepper the tomatoes.
Brush the eggplant and tomatoes with olive oil.  Grill the eggplant and tomato on a hot grill 1-2 minutes per side.
To assemble, layer eggplant, tomato and several basil leaves, making sure each layer is visible from the side.  Top the stack with mozzarella.  Repeat the stacking, finishing with a basil leaf for garnish.  To serve, place a pool of your favorite spicy tomato sauce on each plate and top with vegetable stack.
Makes 6 servings.
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(We actually got a day-long rain today!  Hooray!)